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In the South, life often revolves around food, and the River Region is home to a vast selection of amazing dining spots. With atmospheres ranging from casual and lively, to elegant and refined, the menu choices are simply fabulous. And you don’t have to look far to find long-established restaurants, as well as new and exciting options. Venture out and sample what they have to offer — and invite a few friends along to make marvelous memories.

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RIVER REGION LIVING has incorporated Montgomery Living to provide exceptional editorial coverage and dazzling photography in the only true community lifestyle magazine in the River Region. In an effort to continue with the years of growth in our geographical area, we felt it was time for our name to reflect our actual coverage and audience. For years we have served readers and advertisers from all over the River Region as Montgomery Living Magazine. River Region Living Magazine is continuing to provide the same excellent editorial for your reading enjoyment. Other than expanding our presence and distribution, all of the things you have enjoyed about Montgomery Living have remained the same. We have included some additional coverage to keep you abreast of the many things that happen around the Montgomery area to include Prattville, Pike Road, Wetumpka and Millbrook. Broader market coverage, more editorial choices and expanded distribution have been part of our formula for growth all along. We hope you will continue to enjoy River Region Living.


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  • Citizen of the year

    When we think of the requirements necessary for excellent leadership, we tend to think of things like intelligence, confidence, and ambition. Those are all good traits to have. But if you talk for any length of time to Alabama Power Division Vice President, Leslie Sanders, you’ll soon discover that an unshakable faith in God and family, an empathetic heart, and a strong sense of community are the crown jewels of a powerful leader… one that rises above the pack and makes a difference in the world around her. For these and many other reasons, River Region Living is proud to announce Leslie Sanders as its Citizen of the Year ...

  • standing in the light of legends

    Life always includes tragedy, trials and triumph. Surviving those peaks and valleys is often challenging, but to do so in the public eye, and at a young age, is even more trying. Such is the life of George Wallace Jr., who has witnessed firsthand some of history’s most significant moments. As the son of two governors and a former public official himself, he reflects on his years as a blessed life. Now, 60 years old, he has chronicled the journey he and his family have traveled in a new book.